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探案新窍门 第五季手机在线观看

探案新窍门 第五季手机在线观看


  • 主演:娜塔莉·多默尔,阿奈林·巴纳德,肖恩·埃文斯,大卫·卡尔德,小林聪美,加濑亮,市川实日子,光石研,五月绿,岡本香了,朝吹凯特,鹿内孝
  • 导演:川井もか地区:大陆   类型:韩国大尺度
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  • 更新:06-06
  • 简介:私人小影院   故事发生在伦敦大都会公共图书馆中,在那里,蛰伏着一个历史悠久的古老组织,组织负责调查超自然的神秘事件,抵抗不明力量的入侵,保护古老文物不落入不法之徒手中。作为组织头目,图书管理员弗林(诺亚·怀尔 Noah Wyle 饰)一直尽忠职守,然而,随着时间的推移,他发现,仅靠一人单打独斗就能成事的时代已经过去了,弗林决定替组织吸收新鲜的血液。  精明强干的反恐专家埃文(丽贝卡·罗梅恩 Rebecca Romijn 饰)、智商超高的石油工人杰克(克里斯蒂安·凯恩 Christian Kane 饰)、拥有超能力的卡桑德拉(林蒂·布丝 Lindy Booth 饰)、超级电脑高手琼斯(约翰·金 John Kim 饰),这四名训练有素的新鲜人能否让弗林满意呢?

    4d影院 私人小影院 4d影院私人小影院
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私人小影院   Robert T. Ironside, chief of detectives with the San Francisco Police Department, is shot down by a sniper's bullet while vacationing at a remote cabin. Ironside survived the attack, but became crippled from the waist down, and was confined the wheelchair. Realizing his skills as a crime-buster were too good to waste, Ironside became the head of his own special police unit; he moved into a specially-built office at SFPD headquarters, complete with sleeping quarters and exercise equipment, and inherited a crack staff: bland Sgt. Ed Brown, beautiful young Policewoman Eve Whitfield, and black ex-con Mark Sanger, who pushed Ironside's wheelchair and drove his special van. Whitfield eventually left the department, and was replaced by Policewoman Fran Belding, while Sanger graduated from law school, passed the bar, and married Diana. Written by Marty McKee {[email protected]}

4d影院 私人小影院 4d影院私人小影院