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  • 主演:菅田将晖,木下美咲,光石研,田中裕子,筱原友希子,沈清,李秉润,耿洁琼,郑恕峰,马蹄露,陈宇星
  • 导演:黄海冰,袁咏仪,俞飞鸿,叶璇,地区:大陆   类型:色动漫
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  • 更新:06-01
  • 简介:东方电影院 Hayley Udall tries to make ends meet for herself and her 14 year-old daughter while providing alimony for a horrible ex-husband. She wishes her problems with her ex could go away, and upon venting her frustrations one night, finds herself tangled up in a pact with two people (Melanie and Kevin) to "eliminate" each other's problems. It seemed innocent wishful thinking before, but as people end up dead-including Hayley's ex-husband-Hayley is trapped to fulfill the pact or risk taking the fall for murder. She tries to clear her name but the police (led by Detective Marks) is eyeing her for her ex-husband's death as well as others. Then Melanie abducts Hayley's daughter as leverage for Hayley to follow through and kill one last person. With Detective Marks trying to find the truth, Hayley must hurry to save her daughter and find a way to avoid murder. 4d影院 东方电影院 4d影院东方电影院
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东方电影院 阿英(毛舜筠 饰)和阿烨(毛舜筠 饰)是情同手足的姐妹,却因为父母婚姻的破裂而被迫分离。阿烨跟随母亲来到日本,接受了良好的教育,出落成亭亭玉立的千金小姐。而阿英则跟着嗜赌成性的父亲生活,父亲最终因为欠下巨额赌债无法偿还而选择了自杀,阿英为谋生计流落到红灯区成为了应召女郎。   一晃眼多年过去,为了寻找阿英,阿烨和丈夫结伴返回香港,哪知道阿英因为成为了一场凶杀案的目击者而遭到了凶手的追杀,最终被逼自杀。为了找到杀死妹妹的凶手,阿烨决定假扮阿英引蛇出洞,哪知道这一举动将她自己置于了阴谋旋涡的中心。 4d影院 东方电影院 4d影院东方电影院